freezing upIt is quite normal for the body to continuously activate your energy through your autonomic nervous system and deactivate again. You accelerate for something to do and you slow down to unwind again. When someone or something gets too close to comfort, a boundary is being challenged. This activates your nervous system more than usual, autonomously. Your body goes into an alarm phase: ready to fight or to flee. However, if you simply could not fight or flee, for example because you were too small, you can only stiffen or freeze up. You are in what is called shock. As it were, you are not there for some time. This is also a perfectly good solution of Mother Nature.

But when the danger has passed and you do not shake off that shock like animals do, then your body keeps “thinking” that you’re still in danger. That stiffening or freezing stays behind in your nervous system and bodily tissue. You remain alert and on edge. This may persist for months or even (many) years. You are alive, but you are physically and/or emotionally kind of absent. You might also recognize some of the symptoms mentioned.

In trauma therapy, we work with the remnants of shock still in the body, particularly in the autonomous nervous system. Working with the shock of the inner child requires an approach where you first learn to feel safe inside yourself again. All pressure of expectations, judgments and time may disappear. Then you are going to find the movement that your body didn’t have time to finish at the moment of overwhelming. Completing that movement after all will abduct bit by bit the tension in your nervous system.

In trauma therapy is not necessary that you tell about “what happened” all over aigain. This could mean retraumatising yourself. You work purely with the ‘felt sense‘ in the bodily tissue. No story or drama neede here.

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