Surviving ChildIn order not to feel our woundedness all the time, each of us has developed a unique way to harnass oneselve against these feelings. This harnass helped us to survive as a bigger child. We learned to survive for example by:

  • adapting
  • staying above things
  • becoming invisible
  • solving problems
  • building a wall around ourselves
  • freezing up because of shock
  • developing addictions (eating, drinking, smoking, adrenaline, sex, work, etc.)
  • persevering, fighting
  • helping others, effacing ourselves
  • ignoring own needs

This harnassing is in a way necessary. It provides the child with coping strategies to make its way into the world. But later on this harnass really can get in the way of having a mature and healthy life. Until we acknowledge that we are in need of The Loving Adult in our life.