LovingadultAlmost everybody who starts working with the inner child, has been missing out on a loving adult in his or her life. The surviving child was facing ordeals by him/herself and has become very good at it. It is in this surviving child, that we have spend the biggest part of our lives, by absence of an adult who is:

  • unconditionally loving
  • staying present, sober and practical
  • letting go of judgements and drama
  • cherishing, supportive
  • taking responsibility for what´s good for the self
  • nourishing
  • guarding worthiness and self-respect

By awakening and bringing back this loving adult inside us, the surviving child can start to relax, the wounded child can start feeling heard and seen. As a result the pure child can start to come out more. The loving adult plays a central role in healing unhealthy relationships. The loving adult develops an awareness on the survival mechanisms at hand and the childlike projections onto the partner. This way, an unhealthy and exhausting connection can transform into a loving and nourishing relationship.

Working with the inner child is for people who want to reach clarity on the source of unhealthy patterns, tensions and discontent, in a playful and loving way. People who see therapy as a way to let grow their consciousness and inner peace. The first step is to learn how every child-part in us is doing so far. Download here your inner child worksheet.