The Inner Child OverviewThe concept of the ‘inner child’ stands for unfinished emotions and feelings in our early childhood. It stands for essential aspects of our being, like trust, innocence and natural energy, that have been damaged or oppressed in our early years. Besides pleasure we’ve also had our painful experiences as a child. Or experiences that were even too overwhelming to be processed at all. No matter how young we were, having these painful feelings we came to convictions about life, our life. Convictions like ´I´m not allowed to be here´ or ´I have to do it on my own´ or ´I´m not being heard´ or ´I´m not good enough´. At such a moment a part of us got stuck with a negative conviction and didn’t grow any further. However mature we think we are, this stuck part in us still projects its movie inside our brain. And our brain produces the chemicals that go along with these convictions, to make it come true. But first to the beginning: The Pure Child.