childs playWe are born out of a relationship and we grew up in one. We are formed and also damaged by them. A relationship can easily evolve into a tiresome and unhealthy connection. We start hurting each other, not trusting each other, keeping secrets from each other, evading each other, rejecting each other, transgressing each others boundaries, becoming violent in a physical, verbal, emotional or sexual way. All of that leading to growing apart. But once there was love! Where did it go? And what grips can we develop on our unhappiness to find back this love for ourselves and for each other?

What we have seen and experienced or missed as a child, we bring this history into our current relationships. If we haven’t experienced a loving adult beside us as a child, chances are that we haven’t developed such an adult inside us either and often won’t be really present and responsible in a relationship later in life. We will fall back to emotions and experiences of our wounded and surviving child. The relationship will sometimes be playful and merry, but more often it will be hard and painful ‘child’s play’, without the loving guidance of an inner adult. In sessions we will see what relational history we still are carrying with us and how that affects our daily connections.

Relationship Issues Absence of the Loving Adult Couples Therapy