relatietherapieThe awakening of loving adult in yourself and in each other. Relationship problems have much to do with the absence of the loving adult in the couple. As a result, the wounded and the surviving child have to fend for themselves. Inner child work focuses on the (re)awakening of loving adult inside you. You can not change the past,but you still can learn to take care of your inner child lovingly and reassure it that the past is over. The inner child parts are not able to solve this on their own. And “salvation” does also no longer come from the other, how much people like to see it that way.

In sessions you look at what relationship history you have (from childhood to now ) and how it manifests itself in your current relationships. How did early unresolved childhood experiences, lead to entanglement (codependency) with the other, to a sense of shame , to having to keep your distance, to a low self esteem and lack of freedom. You will learn that the ‘charge’ on things doesn’t necessarily belong inside your relationship. You will learn to take care of yourself. The other really can’t carry your load. Your brain is able to adjust old ingrained beliefs by drawing on new experiences and new information. In sessions you will look at what has come between you and your partner. Becoming open, honest and aware you can discover the ‘good reasons’ to come back together or else maybe the good reasons to wrap up the relationship.

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