InnerChildWork is an experience-based approach. We focus on grounding the body, on breathing and getting back into touch with the feelings of the inner child. Not just the mind, but especially the body gets to ´talk´. We work in an atmosphere of safety and loving attention, not focusing on solving or changing anything, but on caring for and acceptating what is. Five natural principles play a core role:

Letting go of unhealthy behavior
 By becoming aware of your physically or mentally unhealthy patterns. In working with your inner child we look for these patterns, their origins and ways we keep them in place. Primal Rebirth Therapy (PRT) is such a body centered growth therapy, focussing on unfinished feelings and emotions from our inner child (the pure child, the wounded child and the surviving child). Primal stands for going back to original experiences and feelings and facing the situations that have been crucial to you. In our these ‘blue print’ situations our pain got hooked up with negative convictions about ourselves and the world around us. Rebirth stands for ´straightening out´ what had gone wrong for you, drawing from the wisdom of your natural child and the strength of the mature person you are now. You return to the present, but more aware, lighter, and with the feeling of being reborn. You will have more confidence, more life energy and strength and more compassion to your own vulnerability.
Bringing your energy back to flowing again
 Becoming aware of the movement of energy through your body, your nervous system and body tissue. Learning to feel where it is blocked and after lifting the block becoming aware of how much energy you actually possess. Breathing and body work are effective ways of letting your energy flow again.
Cleansing body and mind
 Becoming aware of the excessive burdening of the body, e.g. by toxic substances or information overload. This creates stress that can become destructive. We learn to purify our bodily system from tension and contamination.
Restoring the bodily communication
 Becoming aware of the communication inside your body through your nervous system. When the communication between certain parts of the body is hampered, we can learn to restore this communication by learning to redirect our attention. The body will calm down again by letting go of tensions in the nerve system. In trauma healing this plays a major part.
Reconnecting to healthy sources of nourishment
 Becoming aware of what we eat/drink and what we absorb mentally and spiritually. How nourishing are our daily actions and our social contacts? Living in the ‘survival mode’, guided by negative convictions about ourselves or the world, will become reflected by a decline of healthy nourishment.

Not everything from these five principles can be applied in online skype sessions, but quite a lot of work can be done online. Read more about online skype sessions.