For a free online meet up (30 minutes), send an email to to set a date and time.

The procedure for an online session to happen is as follows:

  • Connecting: you connect by emailing me ( In your email perhaps you can spend a few words on the issue(s) that you would like to look at.
  • Setting a date: finding a date and time to call, working out the possible time difference.
  • Payment in advance: the session fee (see here) is to be paid in advance through PayPal. These amounts will be regularly adjusted to current exchange rates. Without payment in advance we don’t have a session appointment.
  • Confirmation: when your payment has been received I confirm our appointment by email. For intake purposes I will also email you some inner child questions to help you sort out your history.
  • Intake: the first session we spend time on exploring your issue(s), on what you want to reach for and finding out wether the inner child approach and this online connection seems to be working for you. Sometimes the connection is too slow for video and will only allow for audio.
  • Session: you call me at the designated time. If you don’t call, I’ll wait for you for 15 minutes, then I’ll have to regard the session as forfeited, unfortanately.
  • Duration: 75 minutes. Make sure you can sit and talk undisturbed for the duration.
  • Skype name: innerlijkkindwerk

Skype or Mail me for an Intake Interview.