literatureInner child therapy is an experience-based way of working, returning to the experience inside the body. Besides this bodily approach it is important to feed the mind with new ways of comprehending your personality and essence by reading. There is extensive literature on the topics of the inner child such as shame, shock, trauma, needs, boundaries, the inner judge, the loving adult, character structures and codependency in relationships. Here is a shortlist of some important and/or recent titles:

Author(s) Title Publisher
John Bradshaw The Family Health Communications
  Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child Health Communications
  Healing the Shame that Binds You Health Communications
Byron Brown Soul Without Shame Shambhala
Trisha Caetano Inner Child Integration and Regression Workshops & Lectures
Lucia Capacchione Recovery of Your Inner Child Simon & Schuster
Erika Chopich & Margaret Paul Healing Your Aloneness Harper San Francisco
Krishnananda Face To Face With Fear Koregaon
  Stepping Out Of Fear Koregaon
Krishnananda & Amana Trust Koregaon
  When Sex Becomes Intimate Eloquent Books
Alice Miller The Drama of the Gifted Child Basic Books
Hal & Sidra Stone Embracing Your Inner Critic Harper San Francisco
Charles Whitfield Healing the Child Within Health Communications
Stephen Wolinsky The Dark Side of the Inner Child Bramble Books