Cover Releasing Deep StressWhen stress has become chronic and undermines your health, lay down the yoke of old burdens.

Do you recognize living your life under prolonged stress? Worrying, burnout, sleep problems, short fuse or lethargic? In this e-book you can read how to release this deep seated stress and move on. You'll learn how our child brain becomes wired by blueprint experiences. The way we understand something will determine our behavior. Learn how our personal development involves having a certain degree of fear and insecurity in our life, forming our personal basic stress (PBS). Prenatal stress and the stress from growing up contribute the most to our level of personal basic stress. Too high a level will make us struggle and leave behind unresolved issues, forming into so-called “inner children” stuck in time inside us. Without proper care this deep stress can seriously undermine our physical and mental health. Learn how taking care of your inner child releases this deep stress. It will boost the self-healing power we have inside.

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