InnerChildWork is for people who want to clear up the source of their chronic stress or malcontent in a friendly, safe and loving way. People who see therapy as a way to grow and increase their awareness and happiness. Perhaps you recognize one or more of the following distressing situations:

  • running into the same trouble over and over again
  • never being content with yourself
  • feeling distrust towards other people
  • finding it hard to feel your emotions
  • feeling closed off and isolated
  • always sacrificing yourself and making yourself invisible
  • always taking up the responsibility
  • not being able to say no or stand up for yourself
  • putting yourself under pressure
  • judging yourself
  • wanting to understand everything

These are examples of feelings and behavior that indicate that ┬┤something old┬┤ is coming through in the present situation. Old and unfinished experiences that still can strongly determine how we feel and act in the present. This is what we call the inner child in action. What is the inner child actually? Who’s talking inside you?