When people consider therapy, they often have been struggling with issues for quite some time. Issues that also aren’t often understood very well by the people around. Taking therapy is like stepping out of your lonely struggle. You’ll learn that you are not alone in your questions. And that your feelings are probably correct, but you just didn’t trust them.

Working with your inner child is a playful and loving way to gain clarity about the source of old patterns, tensions or discontent. It is for people who want to learn more about their energetic condition, their body awareness, ways of cleaning up the past. Especially coming to grips with what keeps them from properly nourishing body, mind and soul. The first step is to get back to how each inner child part is doing so far.

You can see inner child work as an fundamental investment in the rest of your life. What you really dissolve and process wil disappears into the background. By working with your inner child, with yourself when you were (very) small, you go to the root of your problems. As the adult that you are now, you go back to blueprint moments, where things have gone wrong for you. To set them right, after all. This is called a spiritual therapy, because you are going to clean up old ballast in order to become more yourself. Read more here:

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