Read some experiences from clients about how they picked up on the trail of their inner child, how they have experienced their process and what it has brought them.

is hands-down the sharpest and most engaged therapist I have ever been fortunate enough to work with. He is completely present and non-judgmental, and is always willing to meet me exactly where I am at any given moment, without pushing me to meet any sort of outside agenda … therefore allowing the therapy to unfold along a completely organic and natural path. I would (and I have!) highly recommend him to anyone wanting to travel the journey of meeting your inner child.” Kimberly, age 43, Japan.

defenses developed a long time ago. The urge to uncover what has been bothering me all this time, that’s what made me check out InnerChildWork. I often feel isolated, cut off as though I have to hide from severe criticism. Trouble connecting to people and always searching for safety. I’m really happy to find a knowledgeable person to talk to about this old stuff. The peaceful and non-judgemental way of working helps me to get to the bottom of it.” Peter, age 36, USA.

website made me recognize the signs of the inner child in action: always worrying about other people, not knowing what I wanted for myself, not expressing myself enough, being very low on confidence. When I was around new people I seemed to freeze. I could only feel comfortable with people I knew very well. I felt that things had to be perfect. I felt that I could do much better with my life. Working with my inner child issues made me understand and appreciate myself much better.” Elizabeth, age 35, South Africa.

purpose for many years now is to heal the people around me. And I want to do this well. We need many people to heal the millions around us. I am so touched, impressed and happy that InnerChildWork is doing what they do. As a ‘counseling psychologist’ I believe that healing the inner child is an important part of it. I contacted Payodhi to teach me some of the techniques he is talking about. I asked for advice and blessings. I now have started to conduct healing sessions at my town.” Anindita, age 45, India.

contacted InnerChildWork because when I researched the different sites, this explanation of inner child work was logical and it seemed more like a process that had a beginning and end point. When I spoke with Payodhi, it felt both professional and comfortable. Working through Skype is great – very convenient to do from the comfort of my home and is quite like chatting on the phone, so it is very simple to do and non-threatening. I find I am able to open up and talk quite freely. Payodhi has an amazing ability to read my responses and feelings accurately, even over skype. He is understanding, knowledgeable, and always well prepared. He must keep great notes of our conversations as he is able to remind me of things I said and felt from past sessions, which is always helpful. I am definitely making progress as I now understand where much of my difficulties stem from. I’ve been able to make some changes and feel so much better as a result. I am confident that through this work I am learning to become the mature, balanced adult that I want to be.” Arlene, age 52, USA.