hoofd leeg makenMost mindfulness techniques are not working for me, because you still give the mind something to do (focusing on my breath, sitting, lying down), that it can chatter about. Even when closing my eyes they keep on wheelbarreling in loads of images, but now from my memory or or phantasy. In a silent moment even as much as 3600 impressions enter our brain per minute looking to be processed. I discovered a way that really empties my mind, really silences my thoughts.

I sit down in a relaxed posture and with my eyes closed I start to relax the muscles inside my eyeballs, one by one, stopping them to focus on anything. My two over-industrious wheelbarrels come to a halt and don’t fill up anymore. My eyes turn into two loose marbles in a socket. When I sit like that and my eyes stop wheelbarreling in loads of images, my brain has nothing to do anymore but just regulate my breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, temperature. My brain empties out, my ‘thinking muscle’ relaxes, even showing some fatigue from all that hard thinking it did, but my awareness stays on, even better than before. My brain opens up and unfolds into a sensitive antenna. Give it a try yourself. Leave your experience below, if you like.

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