Nieuwsgierig naar jezelfSuppose you have your life on track. You have various jobs and perhaps several relationships behind you. You have always met the expectations of others. The kids have flown out and an inner call is getting stronger: “Who am I really?“. You could well do with more time and attention for yourself. You are curious about yourself. You may think regularly “Is that all there is? Now it’s my turn”. Inner Child work is a very mature way to learn more about who you are inside (and who you are not). A loving way of learning about such things as:

  • What are my needs actually (about things that are good for me)?
  • How do I find my boundaries back (about things that are not good for me)?
  • What has been the influenced of my upbringing on me and what I pass?
  • What have I been passing on to my children?
  • What role do I often pick in friendships and relationships?
  • What are my tricks/strategies to avoid having to look at myself?
  • How can I get more in touch with my feelings, with my inner child?
  • When can I begin to shine after years of sacrifice again?
  • How can I access my inner peace?

Becoming yourself, revealing yourself more is a wonderful adventure. Follow your curiosity about the child inside you! Read about The Inner Child and see what treasures lie hidden in you?