absent loving adultAfter falling in love in a beautiful and pure way (the pure child in action), the other inner child will start to take things over after a while. Protective behavior of one partner (e.g. judging you) can easily hit the other partner in his/her vulnerable layer (feeling rejected), and trigger a counter behavior (withdrawal) driving the one partner further into protection (more judging).

Or the relationship is silently based on childlike expectations and fears, coming from an early lack of love, fulfilment and acknowledgement. For example the expectation that the other always has to be there for you, that the other understands you automatically and knows precisely what you need. Or the fear that the other will leave you when you don’t meet with expectations. Or the fear that the other will come too close to you and you’ll loose your sense of self.

Without the loving supervision of the adult these inner sensitive children will very likely create an immature and unhealthy relationship. The partners will get entangled in their drama and the relationship will slide down into a destructive dynamic. A damaging process for all involved. Read more on the way we work.

Relationship Issues Relationship a ‘Child’s Play’? Couples Therapy