PayodhivanderGraaffMy name is Payodhi van der Graaff (1960) and my therapy practice is called InnerChildWork. In my practice I give Primal Rebirth therapy, relationship therapy and trauma therapy. I´m certified Primal Rebirth therapist with four years of training in Primal Rebirth Therapy at the Aumm Instituut. I furthered my education with a two year education in Co-dependency, applying Osho Inner Child Work to relational issues. Trauma therapy forms a third important pillar under my practice, following training on this matter regularly. I´ve been giving sessions since 2000 (as a student) and since 2004 as a registered therapist.

Why I chose this work? I was born in 1960 and as a child I learned to survive very early by behaving as ‘mature’ as possible. That made me a into a student, who received schooling for about 25 years in a row, reading about everything. I became a ‘head’ person who avoided confrontations, but also a loner hiding my feelings structurally. I hurt others with my harsh judgments and lack of empathy. Around my 35th birthday I landed upon the therapeutic path. I noticed that I was not the only one stuck in old energy devouring dramas. Awareness about this was the beginning of the way out. Slowly I became friends with myself, with my inner child and I fell layer by layer deeper into my feelings. I did not have to disappear anymore when being confronted or rejected. I learned: ‘the healing is in the feeling’, starting to allow myself to live my own life instead of that of my upbringers.

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