Make Your Shards into a Work of Art again
Welcome to InnerChildWork, a place to make whole again what was broken. Shards bring luck, we say. That is actually very true. Often we you discover what value we had in our hand when it becomes ‘broken’. But then we can choose to put our shards back together, only now consciously and with our own twist. Read on
Current Stress Tapping into Old Pain
Realizing that “I can’t go on like this” is often triggered by stressors in our life now. Think of working stress or a traumatic experience such as a death or a divorce battle. This can suddenly reveal our vulnerability or old pain. Then it’s time to start taking care of this deeper layer. To recover and to move on with our life. Read on

The Healing is in the Feeling
Returning our attention to our body and learning to feel our energy in the tissue. Without drama. That is the way out of the lockups that have developed. That seems difficult or unusual perhaps. But what could happen? We’ve survived everything already. All we do is processing experiences that have been requesting so much attention in us all the time. Read on
Crossing Borders of Time and Space online
Through online connectivity you can get started with InnerChildWork from anywhere in the world any time. On computer, tablet or smartphone. And we’ll always find a time window to proceed. A clear and simple connection procedure will make things work. Despite certain cultural differences, we all have an inner child to learn to take care of. Check out the feedback from others. Read on